Suit into Loot

suit into loot's big clearout

Green thinking London companies take part in a fun new recycling initiative

Suit into Loot Week, a project of London Recycling Ltd and Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development (TRAID), offered workers in fifteen London companies the chance to clear out their wardrobes and make a positive contribution towards helping two global problems; the environment and the world's poor.

The scheme called for quality cast-offs, from the long forgotten sixties platforms to the never worn Versace jacket that seemed a good idea at the time. By donating them to TRAID, London workers help to decrease the 700,000 tonnes of textile waste, which negatively contributes to climate change by going into landfill each year. The clothing is designated for sale in one of TRAID's fashion-forward charity shops. Certain items are customised into new, one-off pieces and sold under the designer fashion label TRAID Remade, also available in TRAID's retail outlets. Old suits are quite literally turned in to loot which is, in turn, put to good use by benefiting one of the overseas development projects that TRAID supports.

Nik Wood, Director of Marketing at Atisreal, one of the pioneer companies who took part in the week, says "Suit into Loot was a fun way for our employees to dispose of their unwanted clothes, protect the environment and raise money for charity. It was easy too! Representatives from London Recycling Ltd and TRAID distributed trendy and environmentally friendly collection bags and all our employees had to do was to clear their closets, stuff the clothes in the bags and bring the bag back to work with them".

Sarah Jones of London Recycling Ltd, says "We are delighted to offer this service to London companies. We are passionate about recycling but textiles usually miss out in the business environment. This is a fantastic way of bringing them in, helping companies to increase their recycling rates."

Kelly O'Connor of TRAID, says "The week was a great success. Through targeting London residents who work in Central London we collected kilos of clothing of a significantly greater quality than TRAID collects through it's network of textile recycling banks."

The scheme is open to London businesses, not for profit organisations and local authorities of all sizes. For more information about Suit into Loot, please contact
020 7511 8000